Monday, June 12, 2017

My Automotive site

Final Project

what is the purpose of the site?
The purpose of my site is to sell old muscle cars. I grew up loving old cars and thought this would be my chance to make my own company and dream a little bit. This project brought out the creative part picking what background and colors I like and want. This project was a lot of fun.

do you like the way the final site came out?
I really like how this site came out. I thought it kind of blends together with the dark color background makes the color of the cars really pop. I picked the cars that are my favorite and tried to make them fit in, so it wasn't like different car classes like import and muscle, I just focused on muscle.

if there were more time to work what would you change or add to it?
I think I would make another category for services, and for parts, so my company would be the total package. I would also add another category for import cars because I really like those too. This would make my company more wide range website and "company".

what parts were challenging for you and how did you resolve any problems?

The tables on my website were kind of confusing because you have to imagine the tables on your website and sometimes you lose track of when you end tables and not. So that was pretty confusing.